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Jiangxi Vigorous New Energy Technology Co Ltd is an international enterprise integrating independent research and development production and sales of Gas Generator Gasoline Generator Dual Fuel Generator Diesel Generator and Diesel Genset Ultra silent Generator Inverter Generator Water Pump and Welder Generator The company covers an area of more than 100 000 square meters with building area of around 40 000 square meters It is a modern intellectualized factory with beautiful environment There are 14 000 square meters of digital and intelligent generator workshops Various on line and off line advanced intelligent and visual testing equipments which could ensure the stable and fast production...

Categories and Products

Ultra-silent Generator

Ultra-silent Gas Generator

3KW Super Silent Home Standby Gas Generator 5KW Silent Natural Gas/LPG Generator 8KW 220 Volt Silent LPG Standby Generator 10KW Standby Gas Turbine Generator For Sale 12KW Industrial Silent Gas Powered Electric Generator 6 KW Silent Type Home Gas Generators 6 KW Ultra-silent Home Standby Gas Generator 5000 Watts Silent Type Natural Gas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas Generator 6KW Silent Type Gas/LPG Generators 8000 watts Silent Natural Gas/LPG Generator for Home Use 10KW Standby Gas Generator For Industrial 3 KW Ultra-Silent Gas/LPG Generator With Remote Control 3kw Silent Intelligence Generator Natural Gas Generator Ultra-Silent Natural/LPG Gas Generator 3KW 

Ultra-silent Gasoline Generator

6KW Silent Type Home Gasoline Generator 3KW Single Phase Silent Gasoline Electric Generator 10KW Super Quiet Gasoline Generator 8KW Super Silent Type Gasoline Powered Generator 12KW Super Quite Gasoline Generator 5KW Super Quiet Portable Gasoline Generator 5KW Ultra-silent Gasoline Generator for Standby 8kw Ultra-silent Gasoline Generator 

Ultra-silent Dual Fuel Generator

12KW Silent Dual Fuel Generator 6 KW Super Silent Dual Fuel Residential Generator 3 KW Super Silent Portable Dual Fuel Generator 6KW Super Quiet Dual Fuel Generator 8KW Super Silent Dual Fuel Standby Generator 5KW Soundproof Dual Fuel Generator 10KW Standby Dual Fuel Generator 

Ultra-silent Diesel Generator

4.5KW Silent Emergency Diesel Generator 5.5KW Residential Silent Diesel Power Generator For Home 6.5KW Silent Diesel Powered Electric Generator 7.5KW Silent Diesel House Generators 9KW Silent Commercial Diesel Power Generators For Sales 

Inverter Generator

Inverter Gas Generator

1KW Inverter Gas Powered Camping Generator 3KW Best Price Silent Inverter Gas Electric Generator 4KW Portable Inverter LPG Generator 5KW Silent LPG Inverter Generator 2KW LPG Inverter Generator 2KW Super Silent Gas Inverter Generator 3KW Super Silent Gas Inverter Generator 

Inverter Gasoline Generator

5KW Gasoline Inverter Generator 4KW Gasoline Inverter Generator 3KW Gasoline Inverter Generator 2KW Gasoline Inverter Generator 2KW Super Silent Gasoline Generator 3KW Super Silent Portable Gasoline Inverter Generator Super Silent Portable 2KW Inverter Gasoline Generators 

Inverter Dual Fuel Generator

2KW Dual Fuel (Gas and Gasoline) Inverter Generator 3KW Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 4KW Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 5KW Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 2KW Silent Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 3KW Super Silent Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 

Gas Generator

2KW Portable Gas Powered Energy Generator 12KW LPG and Natural Gas Generator 3KW LPG NG Portable Generator 5KW LPG Generator For Home Back Up 6KW LPG NG Portable Generator 8KW LPG NG Generator For Home Back Up 10KW LPG NG Generator For Back Up 5000 Running Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator 2000W Peak Portable Gas-Powered Generator 6kw Dual Fuel Gas LPG Electric Generator 6kw Dual Fuel Gas or LPG Electric Start Portable Generator 3000 Peak Watts Green Power Gas Generator 8KW Air Cooled Gas Powered Standby Generator 10kw Gas Generator with Electric Start and ATS 2018 Hot Open Type Gas Generator 2KW 3KW Open Type Portable Gas Generator 6KW Open Type Gas Power Generator New Design 8KW Gas Energy Generator Newest Design 10 KW Standby Gas Generator Cheap Gas Generator 2000w for Camping 

Gasoline Generator

2KW Mini Gasoline Generator For Camping 3KW Portable Gasoline Generator 5KW Portable Gasoline Generator 6KW Portable Gasoline Generator 8KW Gasoline Electric Generator with AVR 10KW Gasoline Genertor Single Tank 12KW Gasoline Generator With AVR 10 KW Gasoline Generator with 2 Tanks Hot Sales Single Phase 5 kW Gasoline Generator Twin-Cylinder 8500w Gasoline Generator Silent Type Gasoline Generator 8500 Watts 2 Stroke Gasoline Generator Spare Parts Single Phase Petrol Generator Gasoline 6kw Hot Sale 6.5 KW Gasoline Power Generator Single Phase 3kw Petrol Generator Gasoline Good Quality Silent Type 4.5KW Gasoline Generator Portable Generator Gasoline 5000 Watts New Design Gasoline Generator 2.5kw 5KW Single Phase Gasoline Generator High Quality 6KW Portable Generator Gasoline 

Dual Fuel Generator

2KW Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator 3KW Dual Fuel Generator For Back Up Use 5KW Dual Fuel Generator 6KW Dual Fuel Generator 8KW Dual Fuel Generator 10KW Dual Fuel Generator 

Diesel Generator

Portable Diesel Generator

2KW Small Portable Electricity Diesel Engine Generator 3KW Diesel Portable Generator 4.5KW Portable Diesel Generator 5.5KW Portable Diesel Generator 6.5KW Portable Diesel Generator 7.5KW Portable Diesel Generator 9KW Open Type Diesel Generator Set 2KW Diesel Generator With Handle Wheels For Option Single Phase 5KW Diesel Generators For Sale Open Type Diesel Generator 6KW For Home Use Good Quality Generator Diesel 5000 Watts Single Phase Silent Diesel Generator 5000 Watts 4 Stroke OHV Engine Diesel Generator Set Good Price 5.5 KW Diesel Silent Generator 10KW Twin-Cylinder Diesel Generator For Sale Single Phase Twin-Cylinder Silent Diesel Generator 

Diesel Genset Powered By WEICHAI

Industrial Diesel Genset Powered by WEICHAI 

Diesel Genset Powered By SHANGCHAI

Diesel Generator Sets Powered by SHANGCHAI Engine 30-1000KW 3 Phase Commercial Diesel Engine Generator 

Diesel Genset Powered By PERKINS

Efficiency PERKINS Engine Diesel Generator Set 

Diesel Genset Powered By CUMMINS

Soundproof Diesel Generator Powered by CUMMINS Diesel Powered Generator Set from VIGOROUS POWER 

Diesel Genset Powered By MTU

Large Power Diesel Generators Powered by MTU 

Water Pump

Gas Water Pump

2 Inch Gas Powered Water Pump 3 Inch Gas Powered Electric Water Pump 4 Inch Irrigation Gas Powered Water Pump 6 inch Pressure Water Pump Gas Powered 

Gasoline Water Pump

2 Inch Small Gasoline Water Pump 3 Inch Petrol Water Pump For Irrigation 4 Inch Small Petrol Mobile Water Pump 6 Inch Agricultural Gasoline Water Pump 2 Inch Small Water Pump Gasoline 3 Inch Water Pump with Honda Type Engine 3 in. Ports High-Pressure Water Pump with Honda Type Engine 4 Inch Intake 4 Stroke Gasoline Powered Water Pump 

Diesel Water Pump

2 Inch Mobile Diesel Engine Water Pump 3 Inch Diesel Water Pump For Irrigation 4 Inch Diesel Engine Water Pump 6 Inch Diesel Water Pump For Water 

Welder Generator

Gasoline Welder Generator

150A Gasoline Welder Generator 200A Gasoline Welder Generator 250A Gasoline Welder Generator 

Diesel Welder Generator

180A Diesel Welder Generator 180A Silent Diesel Welder Generator 

RV Generator

3.5KW Open Type RV Gasoline Generators 5.5 KW Gasoline RV Generator 7.5KW Open Type Gasoline RV Generators 3.5KW Silent Type Gasoline RV Generator 5.5KW Silent Type Gasoline RV Generator 7.5KW Silent Type Gasoline RV Generator 

Battery Charger DC Generator

4KW Battery Charger DC Generator 

Portable Power Station

1800W/3000W Powerful Solar Power Station For Camping Muti-function Solar Power Station 1KWH For Camping Solar Power System 3KWH Power Bank Charging station 

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